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Roof Inspection Report

In completing a #RoofInspection for the purposes of providing the owners of a property that includes several offsite College Apartment buildings with a report on the condition of all the #roofing on the apartment buildings and the apartment manager's office as well as providing them with #RoofRepairs as needed on the various buildings, #AmericanContractingNC found that in some places there was no underlayment paper, no Ice Guard, #Shingles were nailed poorly either due to being low nailed or not enough nails applied per shingle leading to the nails not gripping down to the #Roof Deck properly and as a result the nails are coming back up through the #Shingles and sticking out thereby creating a hole in the #Shingles. Additionally, rows of #Shingles were laid down crooked and in a very fast and sloppy fashion causing multiple problems with #Shingles pulling loose as well as nails showing, which ultimately has created leak points, so it was our finding that 4 of these roofs need to be replaced with the apartment manager's office #roof being in the worst condition. Whether you find your #roof in need of #RoofRepairs to make it through until Spring or you need a #RoofInspection completed to determine the condition of your #roof and/or the source of potential #roof leaks, give us a call and discover firsthand the peace of mind that #AmericanContractingNC can bring!


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