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Five Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

It can be hard to decide whether you need a new roof or if the one you have is just in need of a few repairs. However, our team of roofing contractors at American Contracting NC can always help you with making that decision. Usually, a full roof replacement only needs to happen every twelve to twenty-five years, depending on what type of roof you have, but even that is not a hard rule to go by. If your roof has undergone some serious damage due to weather, you may need a roof replacement sooner than you think, so it is important to be familiar with the warning signs that can let you know that you need a new roof. Here are a few signs to look out for as you determine whether you need a new roof:

Visible leaks - If your roof is leaking, you should schedule a time for a roofing contractor to come look at it. Depending on how many leaking areas there are, you could be looking at a roof replacement instead of just repairs.

Internal water damage - Occasionally, it is important to do a check for internal damages at the highest level of your home. For some, this is an attic, but for others, it could just be the upper level of their home. You want to look for any visible water damage on the ceilings because this could be an indication that your home is due for a roof replacement.

Curling shingles - Not all shingles are able to curl, but if yours are then definitely check for it regularly. Curling shingles are usually the result of moisture getting underneath the shingles. The main cause of this is usually inclement weather over a long period of time. Call our roofing contractors if you think this is happening and you need a new roof.

Moss - If you are seeing moss grow on your roof, it is likely the result of moisture and debris getting under the shingles and then having the sun cause moss to grow. A little moss can be okay in certain situations, but a lot of moss probably means you will need a roof replacement.

Storm damage - It is very common for a storm to cause roofs to have damaged shingles or to just lose them altogether. Bad weather can cause shingles to crack, get moisture underneath them, or just pop off. In any case, these are all things that would result in the need for a new roof.


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