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Unsure of what online directory to look to for trustworthy Home Repair & Maintenance contractors?

In addition to our ever-expanding online presence including daily website and social media updates, including being able to like us on facebook and follow us on google plus, we are thrilled to now be registered with the online directory, which is the top online directory of trustworthy, top-notch professionals in home repair & maintenance, for those times when you need to quickly research a potential contractor to hire without wading through pages of individual search results on google. Along with the continual peace of mind you can always have in knowing American Contracting will always have your best interests at heart as a valued customer, you can also rest assured that you have made the right choice in both online directory and contractor evidenced by our presence on the yellow pages directory in not only home repair & maintenance, but our other familiar areas of expertise including skills at home remodeling and as a roofing contractor, painting contractor, or anything else you might need taken care of around your home with our proficiency as a general contractor. No matter what type of work your home has coming its way, check us out on the yellow pages. com directory, then call 704-213-5115 anytime night or day! All Work Guaranteed!

Home Repair & Maintenance

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